[Valmiki goes to river Tamasa for morning ablutions -- He sees a male krauncha being shot down by a hunter -- expresses the reflection of a female companion's sorrow in his experience in the form of a sloka in metrical form -- Lord Brahma appears at the hermitage -- directs him to compose the great poem in the same metre describing the story of Rama as related by Narada -- grants him the power of clairvoyance.]

नारदस्य तु तद्वाक्यं श्रुत्वा वाक्यविशारद:।

पूजयामास धर्मात्मा सहशिष्यो महामुनि: ।।1.2.1।।


नारदस्य Narada's, तत् वाक्यम् those words, श्रुत्वा तु having heard, वाक्यविशारद: proficient in (shastras which are in the form of) speech, धर्मात्मा righteous, महामुनि: distinguished sage, सहशिष्य: along with his disciples, पूजयामास worshipped (praised) him.

On hearing the words of Narada the distinguished and righteous sage Valmiki, proficient in composing slokas worshipped him along with his disciples.