श्रुतवानस्मि यत्कर्म कृतवानसि भार्गव।

अनुरुंध्यामहे ब्रह्मन् पितुरानृण्यमास्थितम्।।1.76.2।।


भार्गव O Bhrigu's son, Parasurama, यत् which, कर्म acts, कृतवानसि you have done, श्रुतवान् अस्मि I have listened, ब्रह्मन् O Brahman, पितुः to your father, आनृण्यम् repaying the debt, आस्थितम् obtained, अनुरुन्ध्यामहे we will commend.

"O Descendant of Bhrigu I have listened to the (marvellous) acts you have performed. O Brahman I commend you for discharging your duty in repaying the debt to your father.