तेषामतियशा लोके राम स्सत्यपराक्रमः।

स्वयम्भूरिव भूतानां बभूव गुणवत्तर:।।1.77.27।।


लोके in this world, अतियशा: possessing great fame, सत्यपराक्रम: truthful and full of prowess, गुणवत्तर: possessing many greater virtues, राम: Rama, तेषाम् for the people of that kingdom, भूतानाम् for beings, स्वयम्भू: इव like Brahma, बभूव became.

In world the glorious and virtuous Rama armed with the power of truthfulness became the protector of the people like Brahma (to living beings).