[Rama relates to Sita the hardships of forest life-- dissuades her from accompanying him to the forest.]

स एवं ब्रुवतीं सीतां धर्मज्ञो धर्मवत्सलः।

न नेतुं कुरुते बुद्धिं वने दुःखानि चिन्तयन्।।2.28.1।।


धर्मज्ञः knower of righteousness, धर्मवत्सलः devoted to righteousness, सः he, एवम् thus, ब्रुवतीम् speaking, सीताम् to Sita, नेतुम् to take, बुद्धिम् decision, वने in the forest, दुःखानि difficulties, चिन्तयन् while reflecting so, न कुरुते did not make.

Rama, who knew his duties and was devoted to righteousness, reflected on the difficulties of forest (life) and did not agree to take Sita even though she was pleading the way she did.