पित्रा नियुक्ता भगवन् प्रवेक्ष्यामस्तपोवनम्।

धर्ममेव चरिष्याम स्तत्र मूलफलाशनाः।।2.54.16।।


भगवन् O venerable one, पित्रा by father, नियुक्ताः ordered by, तपोवनम् penancegrove प्रवेक्ष्यामः we will enter, तत्र there, मूलफलाशनाः subsisting on roots and fruits, धर्ममेव following righteous ways, चरिष्यामः will practise.

O venerable one on my father's command we entered the desolate forest of penance. Subsisting on roots and fruits, I shall practise the righteous way of life.