न शक्या यज्ञमध्यस्था वेदी सृग्भाण्डमण्डिता।

द्विजातिमन्त्रपूता च चण्डालेनावमर्दितुम्।।3.56.18।।


यज्ञमध्यस्था in the midst of the sacrificial ceremony, सुग्भाण्डमण्डिता decorated with ladles and other vessels, द्विजातिमन्त्रपूता च sanctified by brahmins uttering sacred Vedic hymns, वेदी altar, चण्डालेन by a man of low caste, अवमर्दितुम् to violate, न शक्या is not possible.

The sacrificial altar adorned with ladles and vessels and sanctified by the sacred mantras recited by brahmins cannot be defiled by a chandala (man of lowest caste).