English Commentaries

The Number of Slokas and Sargas in the Ramayana 1.4.2

‘Sargasatam panca satskandani’ means the Ramayana comprises five hundred sargas covering six kandas . But the sloka says the total number of slokas in the Ramayana to be 24,000. Since the actual number is far less and there is no reference to the Uttarakanda this sloka is spurious.

The Songs that Rama heard from Lava and Kusa 1.4.30-31

The two of them Lava and Kusa were asked by Rama to sing in a manner which was rich in the tradition of Marga. Songs are of two types viz the ‘Marga’ and the ‘Desi’. The Marga follows Sanskrit and the Desi, Prakrit tradition. The two pupils employed the Marga and the fascinated Rama stayed for long in the assembly listening to them. ‘Sanaih’(slowly) indicates that Rama got interested in the story gradually and later on got completely absorbed in it.