Janaka said that it was now his turn to speak of his genealogy. "There lived a king by name Nimi, who was best among men and a virtuous soul.He was known for his deeds in the three worlds.Nimi begot a son by name Mithi, who constructed the city of Mithila.He is the first Janaka, and his son was Udavasa.From him on, were Nandivardhana, Devaratha, Bhrihaddhrata, Mahavira, Sudhruti, Dhrishtaku, Hyrasva, Maru, Pratindhaka, Kiritiratha, Devamidha, Vibudha, MahIndra, Maharoma, Swarnaroma and Hrasvaroma.

Hrasvaroma begot two sons, of whom I am the first -born. Kushdhwaja is my brother.The king, my father, bequeathing the kingdom to me retired to the forest, passing on the responsibility of Kushadhwaja to me.My father is no more and I still continue my affectionate protection of my brother and rule my kingdom righteously.

Sometime ago, the king of Sankasya, Sundhava, sent a message that the sacred bow of Siva and my daughter Sita be given to him.My rejection brought about a great conflict and in the encounter between us, Sudhanva perished and I crowned Kushadhwaja, king of Sankasya. On Rama I gladly bestow Sita, my daughter who is like one, born of the gods. Urmila my other daughter I bestow on Lakshmana.The marriages will take place three days from now, under the Uttaraphalguni star".