Parasurama departed.Rama delivered the bow into the hands of Varuna and perceiving Dasaratha's anxiety, wanted to quickly resume their journey to Ayodhya. Dasaratha relieved and ecstatic embraced Rama as though he was born again! Hastening the army, Dasaratha arrived into that most beautiful city of Ayodhya. Bedecked with flowers, fragrant with the scents of incense and sandal it resounded with the fanfare of drums and trumpets the city wore a look of great festivity. Welcoming their king and his entourage people thronged its streets and overflowed them in a show of great joy and gaiety.Dasaratha with his sons and the rest of the royal retinue entered the palace, which was as magnificent as the Himalayan mountains.

At the palace the queens were ready to welcome the new brides who were then ready to worship the family deities. The palace looked festive and was filled with joy. The four sons of Dasaratha, who were best among men, were matchless in valor and unsurpassed in the skills of archery. Dutiful sons they lived in all glory and happiness. Rama whose virtue and truthfulness brought him much fame was dear to the people and their protector! Some days later Dasaratha sent for Bharata and said that Yudhajit his uncle who was at Ayodhya wanted to take him to Kekaya and accompanied by Satrughna were all to all travel on the morrow.

Sita's dedication to Rama was absolute and total. So was Rama's devotion towards his consort whom he loved dearly. Her peerless beauty, her accomplishments and above all, her grace and virtue endeared her to him all the more.Their radiance was enhanced in the presence of each other ever in silent communion, their very thoughts coordinated and they finely honed senses knew of each other's needs without words. Rama forever dwelt in Sita's loving heart, though he wore a form apart. Sita's celestial beauty matched that of the gods and Rama, though resplendent in his own luster, was rendered more glorious in her presence, just as the glory of Visnu is enhanced by the presence of Lakshmi!