कोन्वस्मिन्साम्प्रतं लोके गुणवान्कश्च वीर्यवान् ।

धर्मज्ञश्च कृतज्ञश्च सत्यवाक्यो दृढव्रत:।।1.1.2।।


अस्मिन् लोके in this world, साम्प्रतम् now, गुणवान् endowed with excellent qualities, क: नु who indeed, वीर्यवांश्च with prowess, धर्मज्ञ: च knower of righteousness, कृतज्ञ: च grateful (who remembers even little help done by others), सत्यवाक्य: truthful in his statements, दृढव्रत: firm in his vows (till such time he achieves the results), क: who?

"Who in this world lives today endowed with excellent qualities, prowess, righteousness, gratitude, truthfulness and firmness in his vows?