[Description of the four sons of Brahma and the dynasty of Kusanabha-- enraged Windgod turns the daughters of Kusanabha into humpedback ones.

ब्रह्मयोनिर्महानासीत्कुशो नाम महातपा:।

अक्लिष्टव्रतधर्मज्ञः सज्जनप्रतिपूजक:।।1.32.1।।


ब्रह्मयोनि: originated from Brahma, महातपा: great ascetic, अक्लिष्टव्रतधर्मज्ञ: indefatigable vows and conversant with righteousness, सज्जनप्रतिपूजक: one who worships pious men, महान् great, कुशो नाम आसीत् there was one named Kusa.

There was a great ascetic named Kusa, born to Brahma, as ascetic indefatigable in vows, knowldegeable in dharma and a respector of the virtuous.