[Valmiki composes the Ramayana in 24,000 verses -- teaches the verses to Kusa and Lava -- identifies Kusa and Lava for propagating the poem because of their melodious voice -- Kusa and Lava travel from place to place singing the Ramayana kavya--they sing at the assembly of rishis at aswamedha -- Sri Rama invites them to his palace and hears the Ramayana chanted by them.]

प्राप्तराज्यस्य रामस्य वाल्मीकिर्भगवानृषि:।

चकार चरितं कृत्स्नं विचित्रपदमात्मवान्।।1.4.1।।


भगवान् possessing divinity, आत्मवान् possessing spiritual wisdom, ऋषि: sage having the qualities of a poet, वाल्मीकि: Valmiki, प्राप्तराज्यस्य of him who gained the kingdom, रामस्य Rama's, विचित्रपदम् employing varied words causing astonishment, कृत्स्नम् entire, चरितम् history, चकार composed.

The divine sage Valmiki, composed in wonderful lines the entire lifestory of Rama who regained his kingdom.