[Dasaratha requests Vasishta to commence the sacrifice-- orders various people skilled in their profession to attend to the preparations--Vasishta asks Sumantra to invite kings from various countries--extends hospitality-- Dasaratha commences the sacrificial ceremony with his wives]

puna: prāptē vasantē tu pūrṇassaṅvatsarō.bhavat.

prasavārthaṅ gatō yaṣṭuṅ hayamēdhēna vīryavān৷৷1.13.1৷৷


puna: again, vasantē in spring, prāptē sati having returned, saṅvatsara: one year, pūrṇa: abhavat completed, vīryavān valiant, prasavārtham for begetting sons, hayamēdhēna by Horse-sacrifice, yaṣṭum to worship celestial beings, gata: entered sacrificial pavilion.

After completion of one year when spring returned, the valiant king (Dasaratha) entered the sacrificial pavilion to worship celestial beings for begetting sons.