[Rama hears from Kaikeyi about the boons promised by Dasarathaconsents to leave for the forest goes to meet Kausalya.]

तदप्रियममित्रघ्नो वचनं मरणोपमम्।

श्रुत्वा न विव्यथे रामः कैकेयीं चेदमब्रवीत्।।2.19.1।।


अमित्रघ्नः destroyer of enemies, रामः Rama, अप्रियम् unpleasant, मरणोपमम् like death, तत्
वचनम् those words, श्रुत्वा having heard, न विव्यथे was not pained, कैकेयीम् to Kaikeyi, इदम् these words, अब्रवीत् said.

The destroyer of enemies (Rama) did not feel distressed to hear these words painful like death. To Kaikeyi he said: