[Rama consents to take Sita to the forest--instructs her to distribute their precious possessions on the eve of their departure]

सान्त्व्यमाना तु रामेण मैथिली जनकात्मजा।

वनवासनिमित्ताय भर्तारमिदमब्रवीत्।।2.30.1।।


वनवासनिमित्ताय for stay in forest, रामेण by Rama, सान्त्व्यमाना consoled, जनकात्मजा Janaka's daughter, मैथिली Maithili, भर्तारम् to husband, इदम् these words, अब्रवीत् said.

In response to Rama's consolation with regard to her stay in the forest, the daughter of Janaka, Maithili (Sita) said: