[Rama's mind goes back to Kaikeyi and to Kausalya and Sumitra asks Lakshmana to go back Lakshmana declines]

स तं वृक्षं समासाद्य सन्ध्यामन्वास्यपश्चिमाम्।

रामो रमयतां श्रेष्ठ इति होवाच लक्ष्मणम्।।2.53.1।।


रमयताम् among those who bring delight to others, श्रेष्ठः best, सः रामः that Rama, तं वृक्षम् to that tree, समासाद्य having reached, पश्चिमाम् western, सन्ध्याम् sandhya, अन्वास्य having offered oblations, लक्ष्मणम् looking at Lakshmana, इति these words, उवाच ह spoke.

On reaching the foot of the tree, Rama offered oblations to Sandhya of the west. And then he who is the best in keeping people in good humour said to Lakshmana: