[Chitrakuta described -- Rama meets sage Valmiki -- Lakshmana builds a leafthatched cottage -- Rama enters the cottage at an auspicious time after due worship of respective deities.]

अथ रात्र्यां व्यतीतायामवसुप्तमनन्तरम्।

प्रबोधयामास शनैर्लक्ष्मणं रघुनन्दनः।।2.56.1।।


अथ thereafter, रघुनन्दन: Delight of the Raghus (Rama), रात्र्याम् night, अतीतायाम् had passed, अनन्तरम् then, अवसुप्तम् sleeping, लक्ष्मणम् Lakshmana, शनै: gently, प्रबोधयामास awakened.

When the night was over, Rama, Delight of the Raghus, gently awakened Lakshmana who was asleep.