[Sumantra returns to Ayodhya and reports to king Dasaratha -- Dasaratha and Kausalya fall into a swoon on hearing about Rama in exile.]

कथयित्वा सुदुःखार्तस्सुमन्त्रेण चिरं सह।

रामे दक्षिणकूलस्थे जगाम स्वगृहं गुहः।।2.57.1।।


रामे Rama, दक्षिणकूलस्थे had reached the southern bank (of the river), गुह: Guha, सुमन्त्रेण सह with Sumantra, चिरम् for a long while, कथयित्वा after talking, सुदुःखार्तः tormented with anguish, स्वगृहम् his home, जगाम reached.

Until Rama reached the southern bank, Guha kept talking with Sumantra for long and returned home with great sorrow.