सुघोरहृदयैस्सौम्य राक्षसैः कामरूपिभिः।

हृता मृता वा सीता सा भक्षिता वा तपस्विनी।।3.64.52।।

नधर्मस्त्रायते सीतां ह्रियमाणां महावने।


सौम्य O handsome one, तपस्विनी a helpless woman, सा सीता that Sita, सुघोरहृदयैः of terrible heart, कामरूपिभिः those who can change their form at will, राक्षसैः by the demons, हृता वा abducted or, भक्षिता वा eaten away or, मृता वा or killed, महावने dense forest, ह्रियमाणाम् while she is being carried off, सीताम् Sita, धर्मः righteousness, न त्रायते I did not protect.

O handsome one, those demons can change their form at will and are of dreadful nature. Have they abducted or devoured or killed her in this great forest. Even her righteousness could not protect the helpless Sita.