निवर्तस्व सह स्त्रीभिः कथं भूयोऽनुगच्छसि।

सौहृदं दर्शितं तारे मयि भक्ति: कृता त्वया4.16.6।।


स्त्रीभिः सह along with women, निवर्तस्व you may return, भूयः again, कथम् how, अनुगच्छसि following, त्वया by you, सौहृदम् concern, दर्शितं (तावत्) shown by you, मयि to me, भक्तिः devotion, कृता is fixed

'Go back with all the women of the harem. Why do you follow me again? Your devotion towards me is evident from the sincere concern expressed by you.