अशुभं चाप्ययुक्तं च सतां चैव विगर्हितम्।

वक्ष्यसे चेदृशं कृत्वा सद्भिस्सह समागतः4.17.44।।


अशुभम् inauspicious, अयुक्तम् not fit, सताम् to the noble, विगर्हितम् despised, ईदृशम् such, कृत्वा after doing, सद्भिः सह by the noble, समागतः meet with, वक्ष्यसे you say.

'You have committed an inauspicious, improper act, despised by the virtuous. What will you speak when you are questioned by noble men for committing such an act?