[Rama explains to Vali the righteous duties of kings -- justifies his action in killing him -- Vali pleads with Rama to protect Angada]

इत्युक्तः प्रश्रितं वाक्यं धर्मार्थसहितं हितम्।

परुषं वालिना रामो निहतेन विचेतसा4.18.1।।


रामः Rama, निहतेन struck, विचेतसा confused in mind, वालिना Vali, धर्मार्थसहितम् righteous, हितम् wellmeaning, प्रश्रितम् courteous, परुषम् harsh, वाक्यम् words, इति these, उक्तः said.

To these harsh words though seemingly wellmeaning, courteous and righteous, Vali who had been mortally wounded and confused in mind, Rama replied: