युक्तं यत्प्राप्नुयाद्राज्यं सुग्रीवस्स्वर्गते मयि।

अयुक्तं यदधर्मेण त्वयाऽहं निहतो रणे4.17.51।।


मयि in me, स्वर्गते on going to heaven, सुग्रीवः Sugriva, राज्यम् kingdom, प्राप्नुयात् इति getting as such, युक्तम् is right, अहम् I, रणे in war, त्वया by your, अधर्मेण by unjustifiable means, निहतः इति यत् this way been killed, अयुक्तम् not proper

'Sugriva inheriting the kingdom after my departure to heaven is proper. But your killing me this way in the combat by unjustifiable means is not.