त्रिस्थिरस्त्रिप्रलम्बश्च त्रिसमस्त्रिषु चोन्नतः।

त्रिताम्रस्त्रिषु च स्निग्धो गम्भीरस्त्रिषु नित्यशः।।5.35.17।।


त्रिस्थिरः has the three stiff limbs (chest, fist and wrists), त्रिप्रलम्बश्च long in three (arms, eyebrows and scrotum), त्रिसमः has three even parts (locks of hair, knees and testicles), त्रिषु elevated in three parts (abdomen, navel and chest), उन्नतः raised, त्रिषु च all the three parts (soles, nails and eyes), स्निग्धः has coppery reddish colour, नित्यशः all over, त्रिषु in the three parts (the underlines of feet, the hair and the reproductive organs), गम्भीरः is majestic.

"He has three stiff parts, three long parts, three even parts, three shining parts, elevated in three parts, has three raised parts, his body has lines in three parts and is of coppery reddish colour in three parts. He has a majestic look.