With thunder in his voice Parasurama said "Rama! Your valor is commendable and your skills are amazing. By breaking the bow of Siva you have surmounted the insurmountable, displaying an act beyond the realms of thought. I have brought with me a different kind of bow. It belongs to Jamadagni. You will bend and fit an arrow into it. If that is done I will engage you in combat", said Parasurama.

At these words Dasaratha sorrowfully implored, "Do give up your anger against the Kshatriyas. Parasurama! "You are a brahmin of great austerities and renown.You, who should give refuge to my children, should not hurt them. Born in the venerable race of Bhargava, immersed in Vedic study, you had sworn to renounce your weapons in the presence of Indra. Dharmic that you are, you gave up the entire earth to Kasyapa, retiring to the solitude of the mountains. Does your arrival bode my destruction and that of my race? For none of us will live if Rama is killed".

Disregarding Dasaratha's piteous impassioned pleas, Parasurama said to Rama "There existed in this world two bows, you destroyed one and the other is the one given by the devatas to lord Visnu. Goaded by the devatas who wanted to test the strength of Siva and Visnu. Brahma instigated a quarrel between the two gods. In that conflict the bow of Siva was rendered motionless by a single 'Hunkara' 'from Visnu. Witnessing what had ensued, Visnu was deemed the more valiant. In his fury, Maheswara taking the bow gave it to Devarata, the renowned king of Videha. The bow of Visnu was given in trust to Richika son of Bhrigu and passed on to Jamadagni.When Jamadagni renounced his weapons, Kartaviryarjuna foolishly killed him. Furious at my father's death I went on a rampage killing the Kshatriyas again and again, as they were born and reborn! Having conquered the earth, I gave it away to that magnanimous and noble sage Kasyapa. I had since retired to the Mahendra mountain in pursuit of my penance and I am now here having heard of the bow of Siva and its destruction. String this bow of Vishnu now!"