Rama said to Parasurama "Bharagava! We commend your sense of duty towards your father but you insult me a Kshatriya by doubting my valor. Today, you will witness my competence as a Kshatriya." Taking the bow from Parasurama in anger Rama fitted it with an arrow saying, "Because you are a brahmin, because you are kin of Visvamitra, I cannot release this arrow which will bring death to you. So I can either strike your feet, impairing your mobility or strike those incomparable realms attained by you, by merit of your penance. The choice is yours for this arrow of Visnu shall not go in vain". As brahmin and kshatriya stood poised the gods, the Devatas and other celestials led by Brahma came in hordes to witness this awesome event and the display of Rama's might.

The two Ramas stood facing each other. Rama's eyes beautiful like the soft petals of the lotus met those of Parasurama, which were flashing fire. At that instant the son of Jamadagni lost his powers and was transfixed with wonder. Subdued and gentle he said, "The world is no more at my disposal. I recognize you to be that imperishable divinity, Visnu, Lord of the gods and unassailable in combat. Do not take away my mobility, which is as swift as thought. Those peerless realms won by my penance you may destroy. Release the arrow and I shall be gone". The arrow shot forward and the regions of Parasurama, gained by his magnificent austerities, disintegrated and disappeared. The brahmin returned to his abode in the hills after paying homage to lord Rama and the world once again saw light emerging from the darkness and dread that had shrouded it.