[Dasaratha enters the city of Ayodhya with his sons and their wives--Bharata and Satrughna depart with their maternal uncle--Rama's virtues described.]

গতে রামে প্রশান্তাত্মা রামো দাশরথির্ধনু:৷

বরুণাযাপ্রমেযায দদৌ হস্তে সসাযকম্৷৷1.77.1৷৷


রামে when Rama, গতে had departed, প্রশান্তাত্মা with serene mind, দাশরথি: son of Dasaratha, রাম: Rama, সসাযকম্ together with arrow, ধনু: bow, অপ্রমেযায immeasurable, strength, বরুণায to Varuna, হস্তে in his hand, দদৌ gave.

When Parasurama departed, Rama, son of Dasaratha with a serene mind gave the bow along with the arrow to Varuna of immeasurable strength.