[Having received the hospitality of king Sumati, Viswamitra, Rama and Lakshmana travel towards Mithila. On enquiry by Rama sage Viswamitra relates the story of Gautama's curse to Ahalya.]

पृष्ट्वा तु कुशलं तत्र परस्परसमागमे।

कथान्ते सुमतिर्वाक्यं व्याजहार महामुनिम्।।1.48.1।।


तत्र there, परस्परसमागमे by mutual gettogether (each of them), सुमति: Sumati, कुशलम् welfare, पृष्ट्वा having enquired, कथान्ते at the end of conversation, महामुनिम् addressing great ascetic Visvamitra, वाक्यम् these words, व्याजहार spoke.

Getting together they enquired one another's health. And then Sumati spoke to the great ascetic (Viswamitra).