[The Devatas restore the virility of Indra--Rama releases Ahalya from her curse Gautama and Ahalya extend hospitality to Rama.]

अफलस्तु ततश्शक्रो देवानग्निपुरोगमान्।

अब्रवीत्त्रस्तवदनस्सर्षिस्सङ्घान् सचारणान्।।1.49.1।।


तत: thereafter, अफल: having been deprived of his testacles, शक्र: Indra, त्रस्तवदन: with freightened face, सर्षिस्सङ्घान् with groups of rishis, सचारणान् with charanas, अग्निपुरोगमान् with Agni in the forefront, देवान् addressing devatas, अब्रवीत् spoke.

Deprived of testicles, Indra with a frightened face addressed hordes of rishis and charanas with agni in the forefront.