[Rama watches the splendour of the highway, listens to the words of his friends -- and enters his father's palace.]

स रामो रथमास्थाय सम्प्रहृष्टसुहृज्जनः।

पताकाध्वजसम्पन्नं महार्हागरुधूपितम्।।2.17.1।।

अपश्यन्नगरं श्रीमान्नानाजनसमाकुलम्।


श्रीमान् glorious, सम्प्रहृष्टसुहृज्जनः friends rejoicing, सः रामः that Rama, रथम् chariot, आस्थाय aboard, पताकाध्वजसम्पन्नम् decorated with banners and pennants, महार्हागरुधूपितम् fragrant
with expensive incense and agaru, नानाजनसमाकुलम् crowded with a variety of people, नगरम् city, अपश्यत् beheld.

Surrounded by friends overwhelmed with great joy, that glorious Rama aboard the chariot beheld the city decorated with banners and pennants and made fragrant with expensive incense and agaru and crowded with multitudes of people.