[ Angry Lakshmana urges Rama to assume authority over the kingdom forcibly--Rama convinces Kausalya and Lakshmana to allow him to obey the command of his father.]

तथा तु विलपन्तीं तां कौसल्यां राममातरम्।

उवाच लक्ष्मणो दीनस्तत्कालसदृशं वचः।।2.21.1।।


लक्ष्मणः Lakshmana, दीनः miserable, तथा thus, विलपन्तीम् lamenting, राममातरम् Rama's mother, तां कौशल्याम् to that Kausalya, तत्कालसदृशम् befitting to the occasion, वचः words, उवाच said.

While Rama's mother, Kausalya was lamenting, miserable Lakshmana said to her these words appropriate to the occasion: