[Rama enquires Kaikeyi the reasons for his father's grief-- she informs him about the two boons bestowed by the king -- urges him to uphold the promise given by his father and live in the forest for fourteen years.]

sa dadarśāsanē rāmō niṣaṇṇaṅ pitaraṅ śubhē.

kaikēyīsahitaṅ dīnaṅ mukhēna pariśuṣyatā৷৷2.18.1৷৷


saḥ rāmaḥ that Rama, śubhē on an auspicious, āsanē in the couch, niṣaṇṇam reclined, kaikēyī sahitam with kaikeyi, pariśuṣyatā mukhēna with a pale face, dīnam looking wretched, pitaram father, dadarśa saw.

Rama beheld his father reclined on an auspicious couch and by his side was seated Kaikeyi. He looked wretched with a pale face.