[Dasaratha commends to the assembly of elders and counsellors for installation of Rama as Prince Regent-- Assembly approves the proposal of Dasaratha with delight describing the virtues of Rama in support of their approval.]

tataḥ pariṣadaṅ sarvāmāmantrya vasudhādhipaḥ.

hitamuddharṣaṇaṅ caivamuvāca prathitaṅ vacaḥ৷৷2.2.1৷৷


tata: thereafter, vasudhādhipa: lord of the earth (king Dasaratha), sarvām entire, pariṣadam assembly, āmantrya having invited, hitam aimed at their welfare, urddharṣaṇam thrilling, prathitam pleasing, vaca: words, ēvaṅ in this manner, uvāca spoke.

Thereafter, the lord of the earth (king Dasaratha) addressed the entire assembly of invitees. He spoke these pleasing words aimed at their welfare which thrilled and delighted the hearts (of the assembled kings):