[Sugriva's coronation -- declaration of Angada as heir apparent -- retirement of Rama to Rshyamuka -- Rama asks Sugriva to make arrangements to find Sita after the rainy season.]

ततश्शोकाभिसन्तप्तं सुग्रीवं क्लिन्नवाससम्।

शाखामृगमहामात्राः परिवार्योपतस्थिरे4.26.1।।


ततः then, शोकाभिसन्तप्तम् griefstricken , क्लिन्नवाससम् whose clothes were wet, सुग्रीवम् Sugriva, शाखामृगमहामात्राः chiefs of army of monkeys, परिवार्य surrounded, उपतस्थिरे waited in attendance.

Then the chiefs of the army of the monkeys surrounded Sugriva, who was overcome with grief and was still in wet clothes (since he had taken bath at the conclusion of the funeral rites) and waited.