परस्परं घ्नतो स्तत्र वानरासुरयोस्तदा।

आसीदसुरो युद्धे शक्रसूनुर्व्यवर्धत4.11.44।।


तदा then, तत्र there, वानरासुरयोः of monkey and demon, परस्परम् one to one, घ्नतोः pouncing on the other, युद्धे in fight, असुरः demon, हीनः reduced, आसीद become, शक्रसूनुः son of Indra, व्यवर्धत grew (in strength and spirit).

'Then as the monkey and demon fought pouncing on each other, the prowess of Dundubhi got diminished and that of Vali, the son of Indra, increased.