चतुष्कलश्चतुर्लेखश्चतुष्किष्कुश्चतु स्समः।।5.35.18।।


त्रिवलीवान् has three folds on his neck, स्त्र्यवनतः his nipples and middle of his soles are depressed, चतुर्व्यङ्गः four parts of his body are depressedneck, penis, shanks and back, त्रिशीर्षवान् has three spirals in the head, चतुष्कलः has four lines under his thumb, चतुर्लेखः has four lines on the forehead, चतुष्किष्कुः he is four cubits in height, चतुस्समः he has arms, knees, cheeks and thighs well proportioned

"He has three folds in the skin of his neck and belly, is depressed in the middle of his soles and the nipples, undersized at four placesthe neck, penis, shanks and back, has three spirals on his head, has four lines under his thumb, has four lines on his forehead, he is a person with four cubits in height and symmetrical arms, cheeks and thighs.